The shortfilm “sterne” is a combination of two different medial techniques: video and film (super-8).
 Starting point of the work is Bernd Schurer’s composition “vexations”. I tried to transpose the music visually: to the metallically vibrating piano sounds, an halfopened flower fights for survival against a hot glowing lamp; before a dark background setting, it reveals its petals, blossoms, then gradually collapses into agony, and in the end - now as a tiny visible projection - a last mark flashes. 
This is some kind of “nature morte” (still life) allusion that reflects the music’s delicately fading and rising memory of Erik Satie's “Gymnopédies”. 


"Snug in deep black a flowerlike yet undefinable something hovers and stirred by the music begins to pulsate and breathe. Yet it remains a mystery what exactly this body is which comes to life to the minimal sounds of Bernd Schurer's adaptation of Eric Satie's Vexations. It is a creature which can only become of film. It is unique how Bettina Disler's images in "Sterne" almost symbiotically draw near the music while remaining an independent cinematographic work." 


Videoex: Special Mention